Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP)

CRE8 have the most specialized and industry-leading team in Norway and possesses a significant level of competence within Wellhead Control Panels. All of this expertise has been collected from working with different projects and customers since the mid-80s.

CRE8 produce and deliver a wide range of different Wellhead Control Panels in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

In 2015 CRE8 launched the CRE8 Flexible WHCP, which is a lighter and smaller edition of a Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP) based on more than 30 years of experience from the oil and gas industry. The technology behind is “old” but the solution is new and gives our customers a more flexible product, substantial financial savings and improved product reliability. The WHCP is particularly well suited for unmanned platforms, where service intervals are minimal. The first delivery to Oseberg H was well received in the market and is now the preferred solution for most operators.

CRE8 Flexible WHCP

Why design a Wellhead Control System/Panel (WHCP) specifically for each project and client? Is it possible to solve this differently with a product so Flexible that the different project requirements are covered anyway?

CRE8 believe so, and have made a thorough analysis of the challenges expected in the different projects and with the CRE8 Flexible WHCP we are able to handle all this in one common design.

CRE8s’ experience with WHCP projects is that the project normally fails to describe the final product and without exceptions, changes will occur during the project execution. There are several good reasons for this, however high costs can be saved by choosing the CRE8 Flexible WHCP, where the most common changes are pre-designed for implementation with a minimum of impact.

The CRE8 Flexible WHCP is pre-designed with a flexible solution, several options and obviously some fixed limitations providing our customers with a standard product suitable for all applications. The CRE8 Flexible WHCP eliminates the need for individual engineering without compromising on quality or safety of the products.

The high level of advanced detailed engineering provides great advantages when performing early phase Design Review, HSE Review and HAZOP. The flexible design also allows additional features to be added, but without contributing to significant cost increase and delays.

The CRE8 Flexible WHCP is based on solutions that are designed for its intended environment and service and have field proven records. The product fulfils the requirements provided by international Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), commonly used international industrial norms, standards and specifications.

All we need to know is the most basic capacity requirements, the rest is taken into consideration in our design.

Our experience proves that if we get the opportunity to present the product in the early phase of the project to illustrate the possibilities that lies in the solution and before all the specifications are set, this will give the highest profit and avoid unnecessary work for our customer.

As the CRE8 Flexible WHCP is a pre-designed product, we are able to show a detailed 3-D model whenever requested which normally gives our customer the necessary confidence in the solution.

CRE8 have successfully delivered Wellhead Control Panel (including Hydraulic Power Unit) to the following Projects:

  • Martin Linge
  • Ivar Aasen
  • Heimdal (CRE8 Flexible WHCP)

  • Johan Sverdrup
  • Oseberg Vestflanken (CRE8 Flexible WHCP)

  • Vallhall (CRE8 Flexible WHCP)

  • HOD (CRE8 Flexible WHCP)

This is not the first time CRE8 have introduced similar innovation to the market. In 2011 CRE8 launched the WOCS HPU. A product historically produced individually for each project and subject to major changes during project execution. With a minimum of engineering needed, this product is now pre-designed with a flexible solution, several options and obviously some fixed limitations providing our customers with a standard product suitable for all applications. The WOCS HPU has been delivered to several Equinor and Total projects, such as; Vigdis, Gullfaks, Troll, Skuld, MoHo, Aasta Hansteen and Kaombo.

Based on the innovative solution for the WOCS HPU, CRE8 was awarded the Norwegian Oil Business award “Gullkronen 2013” by Rystad Energy. Jury`s reason; “The winner has brought innovative and high quality products to the NCS and other offshore regions.” “From day one, the company has had a clear niche strategy and has built a strong multi-skilled and customer-orientated organization.”

This success story has inspired us to introduce the same concept thinking for the CRE8 Flexible WHCP. If this is possible on a far more advanced product like the WOCS HPU there should be no objections for doing this on a WHCP.

Advantages CRE8 WHCP Design

The experienced CRE8 team is well known in the market as innovative & creative with high focus on both operation & maintenance and we are proud to have built a cost-effective WHCP. It all started with understanding our customer’s requirements and combining this information with our experience and creativity.

Here are some of the areas that we have focused on:

  • Cost effective solution
  • Minimum size, footprint and weight
  • Reduce potential leakage points
  • Operation and service friendly design
  • Reduce time for maintenance
  • Capacity to further expansion with minimum impact
  • Full remote control and monitoring
  • Logical lay-out and easy access to all components