Chemical Injection Systems

CRE8 is well known for being creative and presenting new solutions to the market by challenging established industry practices.

CRE8 take product responsibility and with the ability to design, visualize and simulate the real-time performance of the product, our customers have the advantage of a full pre-production design check. This ensures our customers unprecedented flexibility and control over outcome and costs all through production, thus enforcing outstanding reliance and accuracy upon product delivery.

The high level of advanced detailed engineering provides great advantages when performing early phase Design Review, HSE Review and HAZOP.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is an essential part of our design as Chemical Injection Systems often contain toxic fluids. CRE8 have designed systems that take this into consideration to both people and the environment.

CRE8 design and produce a wide range of Chemical Injection Systems and will together with our customers seek to find the right level of design to meet their requirements. Typical Products within our range of Products are:

  • Chemical Injection Pump Skids
  • Chemical Test Cabinets
  • Distribution Panels
  • MEG Injection Systems

Here are some of the areas that we have focused on:

  • Minimum exposure to chemicals during operation and maintenance
  • Reduced leakage points
  • Reduced noise level
  • Operation and service friendly design